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There Adapters: Sbga152P BGA107RP Sbga202P For UP828P Programmer

by NandRepair Team

Today, we would like to introduce there kinds of adpaters for UP828P Programmer. Such as Sbga152P BGA107RP Sbga202P socket adapter, SBGA152 IC Chip socket supports BlackBerry 9700, 9800 etc. BGA107RP Sbga202P Ic socket is also work with up-818P UP828P adapters.

1. SBGA152P UP828P BlackBerry Adapter SBGA152 Chip Socket

Item Application: For BlackBerry Devices. Supports some of the NAND memory chips found on the early 9000 BlackBerrys and other phones

2. Sedum BGA107RP Adapter UP-828P BGA 107RP Socket

Sedum BGA107RP Adapter is for UP-828P Programmer, UP-828P BGA 107RP Socket aslo can work with UP-818P, UP-828P BGA 107RP Socket is UP factory new ic adapter.

3. Sedum UP828P SBGA202P Adapter up-818P SBGA 202P

Sedum SBGA202P memory ic socket is an specialized adapter for mobile device flash memory chip: MOVINAND/ iNAND/ NAND/EMMC




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