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There Kind of Phone Repair Soldering Station/Iron

by NandRepair.com

There are many Soldring Station/SMD Rework station available in phone repair market, some of them with good quality and very costly, Also it come with satisfactory performance. Rework Stations are repairable and parts are easily available. If you buy There Kind of Phone Repair Soldring Station/Iron As floows, your worker will be more easier!

1. QUICK 861DW Hot AIr Rework Station

Quick 861DW hot air rework station has been designed for de-soldering SMD components such as SOICs, ICs, QFPs. PLCCs and BGAs, but can also be used for any production application requiring controlled hot air such as heat shrinking, lacquer removal and preheating.

2. Atten AT8502D SMD Rework Station

Atten AT8502D SMD Rework Station is Hot Air gun and Solderring Iron 2-in-1. AT8502D Hot Air Rework Station can display working state and parameter. Atten AT8502D Hot Air SMD Rework & Soldering Station Iron for temperatures from 200 - 480 °C.

3. PPD120E PPD 120E A8 A9 CPU Motherboard Chip Desoldering Unsolder Tool

Option1: For Motherboard

Option2: A8 A9 A10 CPU romober/heater


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