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There Kinds Of Phone PCB Circuit Diagram For Cell Phone Repair

by NandRepair Team

When you need to repair cell phone PCB, the cell phone's Schematics Diagrams is very important for phone repair technicians, Some of friends will ask, how to find all Schematic Diagram for iphone ipad Samsung XiaoMi...etc? Here, Nandrepair introduce There Kinds Of Phone PCB Circuit Diagram For Cell Phone Repair. The professional cell phone PCB repair dongle will help you repair the phone's easily, and save more time. you no need search the Circuit Diagram of repair phone hardly, just use the dongle to check it.

1. WUXINJI Five star Dongle

wuxinji Five star Dongle To provide professional maintenance point map, PADS map, motherboard map, schematics, block diagram, basic knowledge, maintenance programs, maintenance equipment, maintenance video and other resources

wuxinji full version including:

iPhone and iPad Components Schematics Diagrams, IC Parts Datasheets etc.... (From iphone 4- 7 8 X)

iphone (access DWG), ipad (access DWG), FingerPrint Key(access DWG), Screw Hole (access DWG), Samsung (access DWG),Xiaomi (access DWG),iphone (MainBoard Colored Diagram), ipad (MainBoard Colored Diagram), iphone Circuit Board with no chip (MainBoard Colored Diagram), ipad 3G version to wifi version (MainBoard Colored Diagram), Samsung (MainBoard Colored Diagram), Disassembling Screw Holes (MainBoard Colored Diagram), iphone Full series of CPU High-Definition Picture (MainBoard Colored Diagram), iphone Series (Layered DWG)

2. FeiYing Circuit Diagram

Eagle Dongle drawings, it is ZXW Dongle upgrade version, update quickly, easy to understand, easy operation and maintenance of PCB is your good help, Eagle dongle repair drawings for iphone, ipad, smasung, LG, Huawei, Nokia Etc.

3. MRT-Dongle Mobile Repairing Tool

The best tool for Chinese Mobile account remove and FRP unlock tool
It Support for Meizu Mobile Phone Unlock account, FRP, password, IMEI repair, flashing
Like MX4,MX4 Pro, Note, M1, M2, Note2, M3, M3s, Note3, Mx5, MX5 Pro, MX6, MX6 Pro, Meizu E, Meizu Max, Meizu U10, Meizu U20 and more

Support XiaoMi password remove by one click

Like XiaoMi 5, XiaoMi4, Xiaomi 4s, xiao mi 4c, xiao mi 2, xiao mi
RedMi 2, 3, for Note, Note1, Note2, Note3 and more
support All the xiao mi flashing (some set need Mi flash tool)
Support for xiaoMiRedMi unlock account and FRP remove
Support all the for Oppo MTK mobile flashing, unlock, remove FRP
Support all the for Lenovo MTK mobile flashing, unlock, remove FRP
Support All the for VIVO MTK mobile flashing, unlock, remove FRP, IMEI repair
Support all the for Vivo Qualcomm mobile phone unlock Bootloader, remove FRP, remove account IMEI repair
Support Chinese mobile phone(normal MTK phone) flashing, read flash, format, IMEI repair




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