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There Kinds of Reballing Stencil For Phone Repair

by NandRepair Team

Reballing Stencil is special for phone BGA ic repair, Cell Phone Reballing Stencils especially designed to repair components of phone. if you want to buy BGA Reballing Stencil Template, how to find a top one from lots of BGA Reball Stencils Planted Tin Mold? here there versions from nandrepair.

1. A7 A8 A9 CPU Flash Tool BGA Reball Stencils Planted Tin Mold

Option1: A7 Upper+ A7 Lower BGA Reballing Stencil

Option2: A8 Upper+ A8 Lower BGA Reball Tool dedicate for iphone 6 6P 6S 6SP

Option3: A9 Upper+ A9 Lower Planted tin mold

2. WL BGA Reballing Reball Tin Steel Net Stencil For iphone

For Iphone Nand Baseband Chip BGA Reball Stencil with Fixed Plate and Holder. BGA Reballing Solder Template Stencil Support for iphone series Baseband ic Chip. WL Fast Speed BGA reballing Solder stencil come with Magnetic base + positioning plate +tin mesh.

3. MJ A8 A9 A10 3D Tin Plant Net For iphone 6 6S 6p 6sp 7 7p A8 A9 A10

Option1: 1PC MJ 3D A8 + 1PC MJ 3D A9 + 1PC MJ 3D A10

Option2: 3PC MJ 3D A8

Option3: 3PC MJ 3D A9

Option4: 3PC MJ 3D A10

Thickness: 0.25mm

3D molding, thickening and hardening

3D stell Net unique groove Fixed IC, quick Positioning



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