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There kinds of VBGA Socket for UP828P series programmer

by NandRepair.com

VBGA162 Socket, VBGA186 Adapter and VBGA169P Socket all can work with UP828P high speed programmer, today. We will introduce There kinds of VBGA Socket for UP828P series programmer.

1. UP828 VBGA162 Socket

VBGA162 Socket Supports some MOVINAND/iNAND/EMMC memory found on newer smartphones and tablets

2. VBGA186P Socket For UP828P

Supports:  eMCP chips in many of today's smartphones for the UP828 Chip Programmer.

3. UP-828P VBGA169P Socket UP828 VBGA169E adapter

UP-828P VBGA169P Socket Supports: Some MOVINAND/iNAND/EMMC memory found on the newer BlackBerry 9000 series devices and Android phones for the UP-828P Chip Programmer.

Some similar VBGA * socket for Sedum UP-828 UP-818 serial programmer

VBGA11 socket, VBGA11P5 socket, VBGA40 socket, VBGA56 socket, VBGA133 socket, VBGA134 socket, VBGA134S socket, VBGA318 socket, VBGA153 socket, VBGA169E socket, VBGA162 socket, VBGA186 socket, VBGA64 Socket.

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