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Three kinds of Atten Soldering Iron For Phone PC repair

by NandRepair.com

Each technicians knows that A soldering iron is a very useful tool in electronics. not only used in phone repair industry, but also used in auto pcb repair, PC repair..etc, it is widely use a soldering iron to solder an electronic component.

There are various Manufacturers of soldering irons, such as Quickly, Saike, LEISTO and YIHua etc, they all make their Soldering irons work better with lead-free solder. Today, nandrepair will introduce 3 kinds of Atten Soldering Iron.

One: Atten AT8502D SMD Rework Station

Atten at8502d hot air soldering station is an intelligent, lead-free, and space-saving rework station which combines a rework station and soldering station. It is suitable for advanced hobbyists, repair, rework, and educational use. It is user friendly and a welcome addtion to every work bench.

Two: ATTEN AT860D Lead Free ESD Hot Air Gun

Atten hot air gun AT860D has dual windows digital display for temperature, wing flux and parameter setup and key touch operation.

With elegant operation and control buttons on the handle AT860D hot air gun can be more flexible use. and display temperature value of AT860D can be changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit according to user preference.
Card type device management of hot air gun AT860D in order to avoid accidental changing of setting parameters by the user.
AT860D hot air gun has automatic dormancy function to ensure reduced energy consumption by the equipment, extending the life of the heating element.
On the other hand, automatic power off feature of AT860D can protect the equipment cooling. Malfunction alert function.
The air-outlet uses the brand new technology of tornado type design which helps to maintain the hot air temperature at stable. New streamline handle design for convenient and comfortable feel.

Three: ATTEN 852D Rework Soldering Station

ATTEN AT-852D Feature

closed loop using sensor control temperature, temperature quickly, fixed temperature convenient, temperature stability;

the antistatic design, prevent leakage and damage by static and PCB board;

imported heat wire, with long life.adopt imported air pump, low vibration, no noise and design, keep working environment is quiet;

using LED display temperature, temperature control precise instructions, make operation more convenient;

intelligent cooling system, the air after the shutdown of the delay, the temperature below 100 °C to cut off power supply;

suitable for most surface mount parts desoldering safe desoldering QFP, PLCC, SOP, BGA and sensitive to temperature components.



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