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Tips of User an Multimeter Digital Oscilloscope

by NandRepair Team

Digital multimeter is very common nowadays, before you want to use an Multimeter to diagnose the circuts, you should know more informations, such as electronic designs, and even test a battery. Hence, the Multimeter is an very important testing tools.

Usually we use Multimeter to measure the voltage and current, A multimeter is also great for some basic sanity checks and troubleshooting. Is your circuit not working? Does the switch work? even measuring voltage, current, resistance and continuity.

the Digital Oscilloscope is for dispalying the electrical signal, and shows how the siginals change over timly,

what's the most Digital Oscilloscope are?

a) Shows and calculate the frequency and amplitude of an oscillating signal.

b) Shows the voltage and time of a particular signal. This function is the main used of all the functions described here.

c) Helps to troubleshoot any malfunction components of a project by looking at the expected output after a particular component.

d) Shows the content of the AC voltage or DC voltage in a signal.

Jinhan JDS2022A and DS2012A Handheld Oscilloscope is the new Multimeter from nandrepair, before you use such Oscilloscope, there are some of advices as follows:

1. Set the options of a channel to "DC" coupling, with automatic triggering. Increase the channel's volts per division until a line appears.
2. let the bandwidth of the Oscilloscope should equal or exceed the bandwidth of the oscilloscope's input amplifiers.
3. AC coupling blocks any DC in the signal.
4. DC coupling must be used when measuring a DC voltage

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