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TL866II Plus VS.TL866A VS.TL866CS Programmer, which is better?

by NandRepair Team

XGecu TL866II Plus USB Programmer Support 15000+IC SPI Flash NAND EEPROM 8051 MCU PIC AVR GAL, we highly recommand XGecu TL866II Plus, and saying XGecu TL866II is more better than TL866A/TL866CS. comparison with TL866II Plus, TL866A and TL866CS Programmer. which is better? It is easy to see it from the table below:

TL866II Plus vs. TL866A vs. TL866CS Programmer

Description TL866II Plus TL866A TL866CS
Pin Dectected YES No No
1.8V supported YES No No
ISP for 24/93/25 MCU YES only MCU No
25 Nor Flash Maximum capacity 512M 128M 128M
Multi Programming (4) YES YES YES
VPP Max.Voltage 18V 21V 21V
VCC Voltage 1.8V-6.5V 3.3V-6.5V 3.3V-6.5
W29C020 P+V (S) 10.2S+2.4S 12.9S+4.3S 12.9S+4.3S
W25X80 P+V (S) 9.3S+1.7S 21.5S+10.3S 21.5S+10.3S
W25Q64 P+V (S) 69S+14.5S 128S+82S 128S+82S
Device List 15000+ 13000+ 13000+
Status In Production Stop Production Stop Production

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