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Two kinds of Ultrasonic Cutter Plastics Hobby Tool from Woyo

by NandRepair Team

Ultrasonic Cutting is designed to cutting and deburring of plastic, cutting of sheet, cloth,thermoplastic films, rubber woven and non-woven fabric, Beautiful cutting finish is made for cutting out designs and patterns on rubber, POP sheet, paper, etc.

Ultrasonic Cutter Application for which guys?

1. Model Airplane Car modification division

2. Young college students hand lesson

3. Electronic engineers:

4. 3D printer users

Nandrepair introduce Two kinds of Ultrasonic Cutter Plastics Hobby Tool

1.  tuirel WOYO Ultrasonic Cutter TUIREL Key Cutting


1. High speed vibration 39,800 times per second, to maintain a stable 2. power and good surface
3. Power balance control, reduce the loss caused by the wrong operation
4. Stable operation, bring good surface craf.

2. WOYO UC009 Ultrasonic Cutter


1.Oscillation Frequency: 39.5KHz
   Max. Output Power: 30W
2. Intricate and accurate cutting with a light touch
3. This ideal handpiece offers excellent maneuverability and there is no vibration to the hand ensuring an accurate and sharp cutting finish.

How to choose these two versions Ultrasonic Cutter?

in my opinion, if you are persional users, such as plastic car toy model, various plastic boat toy models. you can choose WOYO Ultrasonic Cutter TUIREL Key Cutting, but if you are Electronic engineers, big PCB manufactory or car repair workshop, you'd better choose professional tools-WOYO UC009 Ultrasonic Cutter.




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