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UP828P VBGA socket VS Nand LGA52/60 socket

by NandRepair Team

UP828P Programmer VBGA socket and Nand LGA52/60 socket all are called programming socket. What different of up828P VBGA socket and Nand LGA52/60 socket? Are they the same? or have big difference?

up828P VBGA programmer socket

Package Type: VBGA

Support Programmers: Sedum UP-828 UP-818 / UP-828P UP-818P serial programmer

Supported chip list: Almost MOVINAND/iNAND/EMMC memory found on newer smart phones and tablets

Some similar VBGA * programmer adapter for Sedum UP-828 UP-818 serial programmer

VBGA11 adapter, VBGA11P5  adapter, VBGA40 adapter, VBGA56 adapter, VBGA133 adapter, VBGA134 adapter, VBGA134S adapter, VBGA318 adapter, VBGA153 adapter, VBGA169E adapter, VBGA162  adapter, VBGA186 adapter, VBGA64 adapter, VBGA221 adapter

LGA52/LGA60 eMMC/Nand Flash Test Socket Feature:

- Manual clamshell, easy to operate.
- Top probe material: beryllium cuprum (standard)
- Pressur adjustable, make sure pressure could be applied evenly on IC.
- Special design of the probe make sure well-contacted and no solder ball get damaged.
- Accurate positioning of IC, higher efficiency.
- Probe Replaceable, Frame guide is changeable, easy maintenance and low cost.
- Long life span (25,000 Times (Mechanicall), stable performance.
- High frequency and high efficiency.
- Offer customization service.

More up828P programming socket, please visit UP828 UP818 Programer series from nandrepair.com

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