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Update Notice: V1.7.2 Version WUXINJI Five star Dongle Released!

by NandRepair Team

with the rapid developement of mobile phone repair industry. phone maintenance market becomes complex and diverse. behind the growing maintenance market,industry issues are also increasing. Mobile phone reapir industry chaos-Most mobile phone repair technicians without systematic traning. Most of them are with the mouth of the maintenance master learned. schematic will not see, unable to analyze circuit, Ability to solve problems independently. Maintenance is judged by experience. Not measure, fault judgment is not accurate; time -consuming; Low repair rate; Threee axe maintenance: Blow,Two welding, the wash; motherboard damage, high repair rate.

 in order to solve these series of problems, WUXINJI company set up more than 100 front-une maintenace expert together to creat a maintenance industry to solve problems, download, software platform for communication and use-WUXINJI Five star Dongle. WUXINJI Five star Dongle include mobile phone bitmap, fine map, motherboard map,Schematic diagram, block diagram, basic knowledge, earth resistance, maintenance programs and other resources.

The Newest version of V1.7.2 is released, let's check what's the new Features of WUXINJI Five star Dongle?

1. The user can customize the bottom panel color of the Bitmap (Lite version) (does not support the luxury version), click the menu [Settings] -> [color definition] to change the color scheme.

2. Update [Video Area] -> [Maintenance Case] ​​-> Phone8 plus Mainboard Components Function Annotation Diagram (Qualcomm Edition) AB Surface, Phone 8plus Mainboard Component Function Annotation Diagram (Intel) AB Surface, Phone 8plus Board Annotation Diagram (Intel ), iPhone X Baseboard, Logic Motherboard Components Function Note Color (Qualcomm and Intel), [English Video] -> Phone 8 Plus Motherboard Components FunctionAnnotation (Qualcomm)
, 8P Mainboard Components Function Annotation (Intel), iPhone X Baseband Motherboard and Logic Motherboard Components FunctionAnnotation (Qualcomm and Interl).

3. Update the data of [Samsung (point map)]->S6_G920F, S6_G920V, S6_G9250.

4. Added [OPPO] -> A59S light board, R9S light board, R9PlusmA, X5maxv.

5. Added [HUAWEI] -> Huawei Enjoy 7.

6. Added [Samsung (Main Board Color Chart)]->G9008(S5), I9300, I9500, N7100/N7108, A5009, G925F/G925I, G2608, G9008V, G9209 (S6), N900 models.

7. Added resistance to ground for phone8Plus Qualcomm version and Intel version IC block resistance.

8. New [Principle] -> Phone8Plus Intel Edition Schematic (English version).

9. Update [phone (point map)] phone6_4.7 data.

10. Added [phone (point map)] phoneX BB baseband motherboard (Intel) models with data.

11. Added [OPPO (point map)] R9Plus data.

12. Added [phone (hierarchical chart)] Apple 7th generation Intel version layered series, and update some model data

13. Added [Main Board] OPPO series A59S, R9S, R9PlusmA.


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