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User Manual: JC P7 PCIE Nand itunes Error Repair Programmer

by NandRepair Team

For most iphone repair technicians, you need update/restore iphone, ipad or ipod touch, maybe you will meet some errors which makes you hard to process your work. JC P7 PCIE is the one of professional Nand Repair Programmer which fix these error code just simple. if you encounter many of the itune error code problem, JC P7 PCIE Nand test fixure will give you the best solution, today, we will introduce how to use JC P7 PCIE Nand itunes Error Repair Programmer.

LED Indicator

1. Blue light: it is powered ok

2. Green Flash: Driver loading
    Green light: Loading finished, can start to read/write the nand ic.

3. Red Flash: it warns" The nand IC is put in wrong  direction", please change the ic Direction on the socket.

Nand IC Press Block Function

Change the nand ic press block direction to suit different thickness nand ICs.

JC repair platform installation

1. Log on JC official website: http://jcxxkeji.com/
2. Click the down load center" 下载中心" block, then select the JCRepair installation package "精诚维修助手" to down load it, then, install the JCRepair platform on your PC.

3. Register your ID and password by your email address or mobile number.

4. Log on the JCRepair platform, click "install driver", then install " FT232 driver general" if PC is WIN7 system, or install "FT232 driver dedicated" if PC is WIN8 system.

General function introduct

1. How to read/edit the nand ic syscfg file information log on JC repair platform, connect P7 to PC by lightning cable, Load the nand ic into the IC socket, Click " Nand Repair", Click " refresh", Click" Open port" to proceed the driver loading, then click" query info" to read/edit the nand ic syscfg file information.

2. PCIE mass burn on mode: Load the Nand ic to the socket, select the phone model, Click" PCIE Mass mode", then click " Write SYSCFG". repeat these procedures to burn to the nand ICs piece by piece.

3. Formating: when the driver loading finished, click" format", then it will display 6 nand partition options, then select the partition you want to format, then click" yes" to do this partition formatting.

4. SYSCFG repair: when the driver loading finished, click " SYSCFG Repair" to repair the " read failed" cases.

5. PCIE unlock WIFi: when the driver loading finished, click " PCIE Unlock WIFI" to proceed it.

Nand IC storage capacity expansion

1. Original and ic SYSCFG file backup expansion:

Connect P7 to JCRepair, load the Nand ic to the socket of P7, driver loading finished click" backup SYSCFG data", save the backup file to your PC, take out the original nand IC from the socket, load the new larger capacity Nand IC to the socket, driver loading finished, Click" write SYSCFG data", select the saved backup file to burn it on the new nand ic then click" query info" to compare if SYSCFG file information same as the original nand ic or not

2. JCREpair platform SYSCFG files expansion:

the user can use the SYSCFG files of JCRepair platform if the original nand ic damaged, the procedures are as following: coonect P7 to JCRepair, load the nand ic to the socket of P7, driver loading finished, select the phone model, click" write SYSCFG" and done, then, click " query info" to edit the fifiteen item of SYSCFG data like SN, Model etc,
remark: we suggest the user to user the orginal nand ic SYSCFG files to backup the SYSCFG file, since it would cause some functions failed sometimes if using the JCRepair platform SYSCFG file


It would damage the product if use inproperly or violently


Please clean the nand ic socket regularly by alcohol to make sure the ic read/write performance.

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