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User Manual Of Keydiy KD-X2 Remote Generator

by NandRepair Team

     It is a good news that nandrepair release new items: Keydiy KD-X2, As we know Keydiy KD-X2 there has three shortcut buttons: chip identification, remote identification and frequency detection. Keydiy KD-X2 can work with android phoneor tablet by OTG connection. Maybe you will ask" so good key clone tools,but i know don;t how to use Keydiy KD-X2 remote make?" Just check it as follows:

1. KEYDIY KD-X2 Connection:

work with iphone by bluetooth
work with android phone by bluetooth or KD-X dedicated cable

2. Generate remote NB-multifunction rmeote without wire

3. Copy Remote

Connect remote and press key

copy remote(fixed code, colling code, HCS)

4. Chip identification

KeyDIY KD-X3 maker identify 4C chip

Keydiy KD-X2 identify 10T5 chip

keydiy KD-X2 identify 46 chip

keydiy KD-X3 identify 48 chip

Keydiy KD-X2 identify 4A chip


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