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Using Method for Woyo PDR-007 Induction Heater

by NandRepair Team

WOYO PDR-007 is designed specifically to be used with dents on flexible steel car bodies, Woyo paintless dent repair tools is a fast repair tool for small automotive dents( no sharep impression, and no creased, like hail dents). Rapidly recoup their investment.In one case, a customer was able to recoup their investment after repairing only six cars.

unsuitable range of use

sharp dents


body areas that have been damaged and reconstructed
Crumpled/creased areas or dents along creased metal
Aluminum bodies

Using the woyo PDR007 method

1. connect the " 220V power cable" to the dvices" power input socket", and plug the other end of the cable into a 220V power socket, flip the " on/off switch" to on, which will turn on a red light, the " work status display" will also turn on, this is the normal status of the device.

2. Once it turns on, the " work status display" will display the woyo logo, and will then display a loading message for about 10 seconds, this screen will display the work status of the device, the device itself will release an intermittent" beeping" sound, this is the normal status of the device.( note: if the device continually display a loading message, power it down, wait 5 minutes, then power it on again, if it still display a loading message, contact one of our distributors!

3. The " them/effect dial" lets you select a run time between 0.5 seconds and 4 sconds, and the device runs a capacity regardless of the length of time selected, press the " work" button once to set run time.

4. The "time/effect dial" intensity can be set between 20% and 100%, this is the strength that the device runs at, press the " work" button to activate the device, let go of it and the device will stop.

5. Connect the " extension cable" to the device"s quick connect head and the restoration head's quick connection head, and the device is ready to use.

6. After work is complete, set the " time/effect dial" to " off" and after 5-10 minutes, set the" ON/Off switch" to " off" as well, give the device time to cool down, and then remove the " 220V power cable", every time you use the device, repeat the steps above for a safe and effective experience.


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