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V-A-G KEY LOGIN To Read Pin Code & Key Programming User manual:

by NandRepair Team

If you want to fix fast, the device is the essential. if you want to find a device which it can extract pin code and programming of the keys for vehicles for most v-a-g cars. VAG KEY LOGIN pin code Reader is the extract machines. here, list the reference user manual of V-A-G KEY LOGIN To Read Pin Code & Key Programming.we believe it will enable you to use the product more quickly.

1) Read PIN Code

First, Let ignition ON with engine OFF

Second, Connect the PIN Code reader and key programmer tool with Audi TT via OBD socket under dashboard on the driver side

Choose "Reading PIN" function

Then system will automatically reading PIN when all connection is okay without any problem.

Successfully display PIN/security number

2) Program new Key

Scroll the drop-down button to select "Key Learning" function

Select the key number to be programmed (maximum 4 keys)

Let ignition ON and press any button

Learning success

New keys have been successfully programmed.

Press clutch pedal to start the engine

Unplug the VAG Key Login key programmer and driver a road test

The we finish the 2 process.

Maybe you will ask how to duplicate the keys, Such as program T5 duplicate key, you can check it as follows:

1. Insert the new duplicate key into ignition cylinder and turn it to ON position,car immobilizer light will blink

2. Connect vag key login to car obd port, now press the triangle icon button to drop the menu down, choose "key learning", press the square icon button to comfirm

3. choose "2 keys" and wait, key learning success

4. insert the new key to turn iginition on, it is working and no more immobilizer light on



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