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What's the feature of YOUYUE 858D+ Hot Rework Station

by NandRepair Team

Many customer using the hot air station, but some of the buyer don't know the purposes of it, why we are used for hot air gun? that's simple, Hot air stations are handy when it comes to de-soldering chips from a PCB, also it it can be soldering. you can use an BGA chip with a hot air gun, but all it doesn't matter, today, we only want to talk about the feature of YOUYUE 858D+ Hot Rework Station.

     As we know, the hot air rework station is easy to blows hot air at the controlled temperature, YOUYUE 858D+ has a blower fan inside the hand piece. so YOUYUE 858D+'s handle is made brings the risk of blocking the fan air intake with your hand when you hold it.

    Another reason for customer choosing YOUYUE 858D+, is very cheap, that is the cheapes hot air gun you can find on internet, maybe you will find Atten 858D station, or saike 858D. but YOUYUE 858D+ is more reasonable. the components come with top quality, also Youyue 858D uses the Atmel ATmega8 [3]. Atten uses a Holtek micro instead [4]. There is also a controller found to be a Samsung.nandrepair suggestion you can reade more 858D news or articles before you want to get one.


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