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What's The new features of V8.2.0 Handy Baby Key Programmer

by NandRepair Team

2017 another new update from handy-baby Company. Handy Baby Key Programmer upgrade to the lastest version of V8.2.0. Through unremitting efforts by the engineer. handy-baby's each function has made great improvement. such as Transponder Identify/clone/edit/Generate, Chip-Transfer and Signal Test.

JMD Handy Baby 8.2.0 update information:

For Hyundai and For Kia motors decoding for password 46 smart card

PCF7938 UID write command (just for HMD chip)

Add identify ChanganCS75 8A chip read

Add F-JMDD (4D) Transfer to another chip function

Add Zhonghua car 48 chip generator

Add DST80 bit password page edit function

Add F-JMDG generator empty(Blank) chip

Handy baby 8.2.0 adds some car brand pin code calculation, i.e for Honda, for Nissan, for Hyundai, for Renault, for Liana, for Qirui etc

Add EEPROM immobilizer data write:

Kia/Isuzu/Geely/Alpha Romeo/Kawasaki motorcycle/SEAT/for Mitsubishi/Jaguar/Dodge/for Skoda/

Dacia/for Peugeot/Fiat/Lancia/for Chrysle/Geep/VM/for Toyota/for Lexus/Opel/for Hyundai/Buick more and more EEPROM.

JMD Assistant upgrade:

VM for Brazil 4 the generate(add VM FOX/GOL/UP ….4th Copy)

VM Sagitar 3.5th unlock


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