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What's the NVMe? You need to know about SSDS

by NandRepair Team

SSDs is commonly know about everyone, maybe you read about NVM, or NVMe-NVMe is a communications interface developed specially for SSDs by a consortium of vendors including Intel, Samsung, Sandisk, Dell and Seagate.

What's the NVMe?

NVMe is designed to take advantage of the unique properties of pipeline-rich, random access, memory-based storage. The spec also reflects improvements in methods to lower data latency since SATA and AHCI were Produced.

NVMe: Built for SSDs

If you've know SSD coverage over the past couple of years, it shouldn't be news that solid state storage has run into a significant hurdle: legacy storage buses. Serial ATA and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) offer much of bandwidth for hard drives, but for increasingly speedy SSDs, they've run out of steam.

Cos of SATA's 600Gbps ceiling, just about any top-flight SATA SSD will score the same in our testing these days—around 500MBps. Even 12GBps SAS SSD performance stalls at around 1.5GBps. SSD technology is capable of much more.

The industry knew this impasse was coming from the get-go. SSDs have far more in common with fast system memory than with the slow hard drives they emulate. It was usually more convenient to use the existing PC storage infrastructure, putting SSDs on relatively slow (compared to memory) SATA and SAS. For a long time this was fine, as it took only 5-6 mins for SSDs to ramp up in speed.

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