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Which Digital Microscope For Phone Repair?

by NandRepair.com

If you are a professional grades phone repair mans, you have to own a Digital Microscope For Phone repair, it is the most important cell phone repair quipment, of course, not only the quality should be the best, but also the price is reasonable.in this article we will take about which is the good  Digital Microscope For Phone repair.

Maybe you will meet such problems which you need a microscope for repairing Logic board But dont know which i Should buy. First of all, you need to consider about it, such as do you need an used one to see what you like and don't like, or you will need a  stereo microscope? or you want to make videos by yourself? that's mean, you have to buy the micrscope which can work and record at the same time.

Enthusiastic Internet users Yvan give some suggestions as follows:

    As Yvan's experience, if you use a stereo microscope For several hours in a row, his suggesion you get a bin ocular microscope. it is good for your neck /or your back, Health is more important than money. even binocular microscope is more expensive, but really worth it.

Nandrepair collect some Digital Microscope belows for your conference, hope it can help you.

1.1080P ADSM201 HDMI VGA Microscope

ADSM201 use of advanced HDR image processing technology, a significant reduction in the phenomenon of observation of the object surface reflection.can be inserted memory card design, easy to save photos.

2. 7-45X/90X/180X Stereo Zoom Microscope

7-45X/90X/180X Stereo Zoom Microscope isHigh resolution with great flatness and contrast, the professional microscope with Dual Halogen lights can offer super clear images of mobile phone motherboard circuit to get more convenient operation when repairing smartphones.This Stereo Zoom Microscope Tension Adjustment Inspection is special for phone repair.

3. Andonstar ADSM301 Digital Microscope

Andonstar ADSM301 is 5inch display, HD format LED screen has a constant request from clients on digital microscope market,it is For Mobile Phone PCB Mainboard Repair Soldering


Image sensor: 3 Mega Pixels
Video output: 1080p Full HD(HDMI); 720P(USB)
Video format: MOV
Photo format: JPEG
Focus Range: 5cm to 15cm

4. Phone Repair Microscope With Motherboard Nand Test Fixture

Continuous variable stereomicroscope modeling novel and generous, new optical design, all coated with a layer, in the large field of view to form a good image and good contrast as good, especially in the external field of view more bright and clear, To meet the different needs of mobile phone repair industry.

Tube: 45°tilt, 360°rotation binocular observation head; interpupillary distance adjustment range 54-75MM; two eyepiece tube can be adjusted, adjust the range of +5 -5 diopter.

Eyepiece: Use WF10X high eye point wide-angle eyepiece, sight line up to 20MM, for the glasses to provide easy to observe the observer.

Objective: 0.67X-4.5X continuous zoom lens, to ensure that the surface as the focal length.


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