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Which Is The Needed Tool For Moible Phone Repair?

by NandRepair.com

If you want to run a small business which repairing the moible phone, or you were a cellphone repair staff, you have to deal with many phone repair tools, Which is the needed Tool for moible phone repair? there are very important to choose the best tools which is easy to use and good quality, in order to make your repair phone is no longer monotonous and boring, Nandrepair is special care on teach you how to choose the equipments required for cell phone repairs.

1. Tweezers: Tweezers is very flexiable and thin, these are needed to hold or lift electronic components and small parts, Non-Magnetic Anti-Acid Titanium alloy Precision phone Repair Tweezers.

2. Screw drivers: Screw drivers is the first needed tools which is need to open or disassembly a cell phone, Screw drivers are of many types. you have to find the right models of Screw drivers to repair your moible phone,also, you'd better buy the wholeset which contains any kinds of type Screw drivers.

3. Openers: Openers are used to open the housing or casing which is locked. also there is various shapes and you can choose by yourself.

4. phone repair Cleaner Machine: An ultrasonic cleaner is used for deep cleaning of the PCB. It is also used if the PCB is short-circuited.

5. Multimeter: A multimeter is an instrument used to check for AC or DC voltages, resistance and continuity of electrical components. Digital multimeter and analog multimeter. It is preferred to use a digital one because of accuracy and ease.

6. Rework Station: phone repair rework station is used for heating and replacing moible phone broken chips on the motherboard. It is also used for removing or mounting of soldered parts and components on the PCB.

  Soldering Iron: A soldering iron is used for soldering and de-soldering of the parts and components which are soldered on moiblephone's PCB. It is also used for making jumpers i.e bridging of broken tracks.nandrepair Rework Station and soldering iron including many types, you can choose QUICK 861DW or PPD 120E Soldering Iron

7. PCB holder: It is also called PCB test fixture. While working on a PCB for soldering, you will need a PCB holder so that the PCB does not move.

8. DC supply: DC Power Supply is professional cell phone repair machine, it is designed to test mobile phone power, Its work is to convert AC current into DC current. It is used to charge a battery very fast. It is rarely used by cell phone repair technicians.

    For more phone repair tools, you can check it on phone repair kit catalog, any question, you can contact nandrepair service centre.


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