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Which Is Your Favorite Rework Station?

by NandRepair Team

For repairing cell phone worker, you have many of rework station, which is the everyone's Favorite Rework Station and why? how many years of you using it? What are your suggestions and why? Welcome to send reviews here.

  Some buyer's looking to replace the station and upgrade it, maybe you want to stay away from the all in ones unless your ok with older style integrated heating element soldering irons. nand repair highly suggest the very hot item Quick 861DW. quick is the famous Rework Station manufactory.

   why we highly suggest you pick up Quick 861DW, cos Quick 861DW is the best value station on the market right now for airflow quality, and temperature consistency. It even has built in calibration so you KNOW your coming in proper. even the Hakko is pretty good on china market, and it's more cheap than quick, but many customers still like to getting Quick 861DW.

   Lead Free Rework station QUICK 861DE ESD with self feeding matching system. that's why many buyer choose it, if you wanna change a new soldring iron, Quick 861DW is good value for Hot Air and a temperature controlled soldering iron. it is a good micro-soldering setup to remove shields Rework Station, if you are a green man for cell phone repair, we think you can try at Quick 861DW, you will get big surprised with it.


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