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Which Soldering Iron Is Best For Logic Board?

by NandRepair Team

When you need repair for cellphone Logic Board, you maybe want to choose the best Soldering Iron to start with soldring components, except you are very skills with soldering iron, the Soldering Iron is also very important tool.

Which Soldering Iron Is Best For Logic Board?

As we know, There are many many kinds soldering irons on the marke, maybe there is different shapes or names, or maybe you choose it only depends on the projects which you are want to solder. here, this articles is the good guide about soldering irons and soldering iron tips.

Soldering station

on china market, the popular soldering station is Atten AT8502D, PPD120E, Saike 852D+ and quick 861DW. Aoyue soldering station is also good quality. soldering station including soldering pencils, some of  soldering station has temperature controls- which is very precisely set and maintain the temperature of the iron, that's why so many buyer choose quick 861DW

Soldering guns

soldering guns is easily to use cos it is very short worm up, the cos it is very hard to control temperature, maybe will logic board or compoents, if you are very skills man, you can choose the soldering guns, such as S-998P Desoldering, S-995 soldering iron

Rework System|

Rework System is more powerfull than soldering station/soldering irom, it is very complex, but Rework System is really usefull, it used in industry or in the high-volume manufacturing facilities. Aoyue 2702A+ precisely adjusted according to the temperature and air volume.

We hope that this article “Which Soldering Iron Is Best For Logic Board?” would be great for you.


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