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Why Choose Lead-Free Soldering Iron For Phone Repair

by NandRepair Team

As we know, Lead-Free Soldering Iron is more better than lead Solder, Many companies in the microelectronics manufacturing and repair industries have transitioned to lead-free solder, why we Choose Lead-Free Soldering Iron For Phone Repair?

1. It's a green Option

it is a more environmentally friendly option than lead-based solder. Following precautionary procedures may protect employees from lead poisoning, but the environmental benefits of lead-free solder extend well beyond the assembly plant.

2.  lead-free solder joint is grainy and rough.

Please note that both of these solder balls are cold, yet look how shiny the leaded solder is next to the rough lead-free solder:

3. The lead-free solders have a higher melting point, and they're more brittle and they can form tin whiskers.

4. which Lead-Free Soldering Irong you can choose to use?

For phone repair industry, you can choose Atten AT8502D Rework Station, Saike 8858 Solder, saike 952D welding common Lead-Free Soldering Irong, or even you can choose QUICK 861DW Hot AIr gun if you need a top quality one and have enough money.

QUICK 861DW Hot AIr Rework Station Has CH1 CH2 CH3 three working channel. 861DW 1000W Soldering Station is AC 220V. QUICK 861DW Lead Free Rework Station With automatic sleep function.


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