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Why Choose Wifi VPECKER EASYDIAG Indian Version?

by NandRepair.com

What is VPECKER EASYDIAG Indian Version? If you want to test For India Tata, mahindra and Martuti, VPECKER EASYDIAG Indian Version is the right one. it support Multi-language for India Tata Mahindra Maruti, And Also it can update it online free.

WIFI vpecker obd2 scanner for India cars Highlights:

1. Specially Supports For India Tata, Mahindra and Maruti car models
2. Support Multi-language, can be used for customer from different country: Supporting 25 languages, including Italian, Chinese (Simplified), English, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish,Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Korean, Czech, Arabic, Indonesian, Persian, Thai, Vietnamese, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian, Bosnian, etc.
3. Free Update for one year

If you want to get more information about Wifi VPECKER EASYDIAG Indian Version, Please check Product Model: ARS063.



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