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Why use Hot Plate Preheating Station For Phone Repair?

by NandRepair Team

For phone repair, there is a needed tools called Hot Plate Preheating Station, it is very important,  Electronic Hot Plate Preheat Preheating Station For PCB SMD Heating,It Used to divide, repair cell phone screen, LED display, Component heating work, SMD reengineering work, PCB removing, soldering work. Here, we will introduce some of Preheating Platform As follows:

110/220V 800W 946C Hot Plate Preheating Station

946C Hot Plate Preheating Station come with 110V or 220V is avaible. direct heating or cooling key key can be adjusted to the current operating temperature of ± 50 °c.


1. heating units placed work platform, countertops should be smooth, the material must be resistant to heat.
2. in the course of their work, the board and around the very hot, be careful to guard against burn, burn!
3. the heated object to safety, high temperatures may damage the heating elements.

946A Constant Temperature Preheating Platform

946A flatbed rework heating plate, the control circuit uses a high-performance micro-computer chip, it accurate temperature control, display and intuitive, practical and can automatically determine the machine heated part of the fault. 946A tablet fever caused by the use of high-quality aluminum alloy, it has a fast heating, high efficiency, temperature uniformity, easy to control temperature and other advantages.

946A rework heating plate advantage:

946A is with small size, temperature stability, simple operation, easy to use, is the ideal heating tool.
Components for heating
SMT recycling operations
PCB board demolition, welding job

UYUE 946S Preheating Station

For iphone, Samsung, HTC and other cell Phone Repair, you can choose UYUE 946S, 946S Preheating Station 400W allows in easy and efective way repair LCD/Touch screen.

UYUE 946S Feature:   

Powe supply : 220V~240V (50Hz-60HZ)    
Temperature Range: 0 °C- 200 °C (Please use no more than 100°C to avoid thermal damage to the device.)    
Heating Element: Resistance Heater    
Compatibility: iPhone, Samsung, HTC, and almost all new touch sceen devices.    
Heating plate size: 20cm x 14cm    
Item dimensions: 21x16x7cm

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