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Why Use Thermal Imaging Analyzer in Phone repair industry

by NandRepair Team

Thermal Imager Camera Provides the capability to help detect subte problems during fix the broken motherboard. in Phone repair industry, it is hard to find the Minor symptoms, if not identified timely, it maybe lead to the motherboard fixing failure or broken the mobile phone.

All of these cases, the Thermal Imager Camera can speed up the diagnosis cell phone PCB problems, reduce even avoid the unscheduled downtime, and minimize damage to structures and contents. Infrared thermography offers a variety of advantages. that's why Why use Thermal Imager Camera in Phone repair industry Increased safety. the Technicans can usually inspect without directly contacting equipment.

Improved reliability. More accurate information makes it easier for maintenance teams to fix problems before they result in large-scale losses, thus significantly reducing unscheduled downtime.
Better assurance of repairs. Using an infrared camera to quickly scan a repaired component or structural area allows a technician to verify that the repair was successfully completed or identify subtle signs that further repair is needed.

Successful commissioning of new installations. Whether installing a new motor-control center, electrical service, roof, steam line, HVAC system or building insulation, infrared thermography can be used to document the condition at the time of acceptance. This baseline documentation can be used to verify manufacturer performance specifications or provide a basis for comparison at a later time. A thermal image can also indicate potential faults in installation, so that if a problem is found it can be immediately corrected or monitored until a repair can be scheduled.

Improved production rate and quality. Using infrared thermography for preventive or predictive maintenance can help to minimize equipment malfunctions and failures and maintain optimum production efficiency and safety.

Monitor equipment deterioration. You can use a thermal imager to monitor the condition and characteristics of your equipment against predetermined tolerances. This will help predict possible malfunctions or failures, allowing you to repair or replace the deteriorating components before they fail completely and potentially cause unplanned downtime.

Today, we will talk about Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer Mainboard Maintenance Fault Diagnosis Instrument For Mobile Phone Repair. which is the world's first to use dual-spectral interleaved positioning technology. Through powerful PC-side intelligent analysis software, the use of intelligent algorithms, it can detect the motherboard chip operating temperature by the use of intelligent technology. By the normal / abnormal motherboard comparison analysis, it can quickly and accurately identify problem chip, which can assist maintenance personnel in overhauling the problem board, greatly improve the efficiency and maintenance accuracy.


1. Detect the motherboard chip, resistor and capacitor running temperature by the powerful PC intelligent analysis software and intelligent algorithm;
2. Fastly Locate the capacitance of micro current leakage, short-circuit position;
3. Through the analysis of normal / abnormal motherboard comparison mode, quickly and accurately identify the problem chip, help phone fix technician troubleshooting motherboard, greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of maintenance of the new generation of overhaul equipment

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