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Why We Recommand TW89 Remote Jammer Blocker Device

by NandRepair.com

TW-89 is an auto remote control decoder, TW89 remote jammer blocker device is Excellent Performance on many brand cars. It mainly work on 433MHz , 315MHz, 330MHz, 305MHz frequencis hopping code and study hopping code. Its two functions: scanning and blocking.

TW-89 Remote control blocker is the most advanced auto remote control jammer blocker till now. TW-89 suit for Honda, Hyundai, Bluebird, the BYD, Mazda, KIA, Toyota and other kinds brand of cars . It would open the car freely after detecting and scanning the remote control signal sended by the original key,  TW-89 Remote control blocker is simple and fast to operate. With follow advantages:

1. Receiving 305MHZ, 315MHZ. 330MHZ. 433MHZ four frequency fixed code at the same time, also support rolling code,
2. Suit for HCS301, HCS300, rolling code,  smart anti-theft frequency, inductive anti-theft frequency.
3. Distinguish lots kinds of chips, show the code information.
4. High stability, high sensibility. The effect distance is as long as 60 metres.

TW-89 Remote control blocker is main used for Auto repair service, Garage and workshop. if you are locksmith, we think this device will give you a lot of help.

Last, before you wannt get this machine, you have to know this Notice:

This wireless Remote control Detector & Duplicator is only for testing and study, Otherwise accept the consequences by yourself if violate the state laws in your country. just sell to Car repair service shop, Garage, workshop, it is also the Car locksmith tool.

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