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WIFI Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III 317-7485 ET III Interface

by NandRepair Team

WIFI Caterpillar ET3 is the new CAT ET III adapter with wifi functions. CAT ET III adapter with wifi come with the latest software 2015A. WIFI CAT ET III diagnosis allow you to properly communicate with a CAT engine on dual datalinks.

CAT ET 3 Wireless Adapter III WIFI CAT3 Communication Adapter III

2015A Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III Communication:

1. Allows communication between service tools and engine controls using various data links such as J1939/11, DeviceNet (future release), CAT DataLink, and J1708 (ATA) vehicle networks;
2. Flash program allows adapter firmware upgrades as additional features become available;
3. Uses J1939/11, high-speed data link (part of ADEM III controls), substantially reducing flash times;
4. Automatically selects J1939/11 when flashing the engine (reduces the flash time approximately 80%, from 14 minutes to 3 minutes).

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