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Wifi UCANDAS VDM2 VDM II Automotive Scanner V5.2 User Manual

by NandRepair.com

 Wifi UCANDAS VDM2 is the new released item from us. VDM II Automotive Scanner The newest version, many custom maybe want to know How to Use UCANDAS VDM2 Test your car? and it can work on Android or ISO system via wifi? the answer is YES!

How to use UCANDAS VDM2 to diagnose car

Step 1: Download APP and install

Step 2: Connect VDM to the car, go to 'Settings' to search WIFI and find the SSID is UCANDAS, connect it successfully

Step 3: Run UCANDAS, click the icon 'Register', input your basic information.

Please be informed: after register, the diagnostic program downloaded via the APP only runs with this VDM, not with other VDM.

Step 4: Unplug VDM from the car and connect network connection, choose 'Update', then 'Language', download the diagnostic program

Step 5: Now you are able to test your car.

if you have any questions, please Send email to nandrepair@hotmail.com

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