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WUXINJI Five star Dongle Update V1.7.1 For Phone6/6P/6S/6SP/7P/8

by NandRepair Team

Every repair mans know that it is vey important to have an moible phone circuit schematic diagram, it can save much time and more convenient, for example, if you want to repair iphone 8P motherboard problem, you only need to check it PCB circuit diagram, then you will be quickly repair it, it will elevate your efficiency and repair skills because it allows you to trace effortlessly, hope this will help a lot to phone repair technician and developers. it is a good news that wuxinji Five star Dongle update version to 1.7.1. Let's check what's new features added on it.

Version: 1.7.1[2018-3-20 17:22:31]

1. Update [point map] -> [screw hole (point map)] -> phone6, phone6P, phone6S, phone6SP, phone7 (high pass version), phone7 (Intel version), phone7P (high pass version), phone7P (Intel Version), phone8 (high-pass version), phone8P (Intel version) screw hole layered map a total of 42.
2. Update [Plan map] -> phone6 ​​phone6P component function annotated picture, phone7 component function note board color graphics (Intel), phone8 component function annotated picture (Qualcomm version), phone8P (Intel version), phoneX function comment board Coloring book.
3. Add [Plan Chart]->PhoneSE Board Chart, phone8P (Qualcomm Version) Component Function Note Board Color, (English) Component Function Annotation Diagram (Qualcomm Edition), (English Version) Component Function Annotation Diagram (Intel Edition) ), phoneX component feature note coloring (Qualcomm Edition and Intel Edition).
4. Update [data printing] -> phone8P_5.6 Qualcomm version, phoneSE board diagram.
5. Login interface Add "official website" [customer service], user-friendly direct contact us.
6. Update [Software Purchase] -> 1) First Time Purchase -> Software Renewal.
7. New users sign up for free trial for one week, and you can view the four basic functions of [Basic knowledge] [Data printing] [Smart Q&A] [Online QQ assistant] for free.
8. Fix the PDF control part of the drawing line display problem.
9. Repair the known dongles landing problem.
10. Fix broken network prompt boxes frequently show problems.

05, Phone7 (high-pass version) screw hole map, broken board layered map

1) screw hole diagram double layered map

PS: If you want to find other Phone PCB Circuit Diagram Bitmap, you can can check other iphone repair tool, Nandrepair provides not only wuxinji Five star Dongle, but also with other Circuit Diagram For Mobile Phone, Such as FeiYing Circuit Diagram etc.


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