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Wuxinji Software Dongle for Fix Repair iPhone iPad Samsung Phone

by NandRepair Team

Wuxinji provide professional maintenance point map, PADS map, motherboard map, schematics, block diagram, basic knowledge, maintenance programs, troubshooting case, maintenance equipment, maintenance video and other resources. And committed to creating a zero base platform for fixing many types of mobile phone,and makine the troubshooting progress easily and quickly!

You can check Wuxinji Dongle description as follows:

Point map    including phone, pad, Samsung, Millet and other full range of bitmap and motherboard color chart.

Deluxe Edition Bitmap and motherboard color picture HD original

Lite  Point map simplified version, constantly updated model data

Fine map  Phone series of fine drawings

Motherboard map  The modeule provides a detailed picture of the phone series of the motherboard components

Schematic diagram  The module provides phone, pad, millet, Samsung and other models of the details of the original map and componet distribution map, and continue to add more mobile phone models

Block diagram   The module provides a full set of circuit diagram of the phone series, including the boot circuit, handset circuit, send the circuit, SIM card circuit, WIFI+Bluetooth, charging circuit, such as a full set of circuit

Basic knowledge   The module provides software for the use of tutorials and moible basic knowledge, can understand the knowledge of moible phone, mobile phone component knowledge, mobile phone repair tool knowledge, mobile phone working principle knowledge, mobile phone circuit in english Control, Apple mobile phone basic knowledge, signal band and mobile phone principle and so on

Resistance to ground  The module provides phone, pad full range of resistance to the map, You can view the corresponding model of the touch, display, front camera seat, tail socket, touch the foot map, audio, communication power, RF to ground resistance map, baseband chip, baseband power, figure, row socket to the resistance map and so on the content

Maintenance program   The module provides phone, pad series of various classic maintenance examples, Can see the corresponding model of the baseless maintenance example, do dont boot machine error 5356 maintenance examples, do not boot button no current maintenance example, do not boot without reset voltage maintenance examples and so on


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