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XTuner CVD-9 Duty Truck Scanner Activate software manual

by NandRepair.com

Bluetooth XTuner CVD-9 Duty Truck Scanner is the Nandrepair's first diagnostic Scan tool based on Android. CVD-9 connects to the on-board ECU computers of truck, fire engine and motorhome, then transmits information via Bluetooth to the XTUNER CVD application. XTuner CVD-9 works with Class 3 - 8 heavy duty trucks with 9-pin/6-pin Dutch diagnostic port.

Xtuner CVD APP Guide

Software operating environment

Hardware requirements: Phone or PAD with Bluetooth.
Space disk can't less than 1G, and RAM can't less than 512M.
Operating system: supporting Android 4.4 to Android 6.0.
Network requirement: The software needs to be activated & downloaded online, so please make sure your internet is connected.

Download Software:

official  website:
Home page>Support page
Then find the right software to download and install.

Activate Software:

At first, please keep network working, Run XTUNER APP, then click "App Store" to get applications.

Please input the series number and the password and then press "Login"

If the product is not activated, please press "√".

Please input your information, the email address and country is required, and the press "Submit".

After the information has been committed, please login your email to activate the product.

You will receive a activated email from the IDUTEX server.

Please click the link to get the confirmation from the manufacture.

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