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XTUNER-X500 Android Scanner XTUNER X500 is released!

by NandRepair.com

XTUNER-X500 Android Scanner is the same as vpchecker easydiag. XTUNER X500 support wifi and bluetooth. CablesMall new arriving XTUNER-X500 Android Scanner XTUNER X500.

Bluetooth XTUNER-X500 Android Scanner Wifi XTUNER X500 OBD2 Tool

Bluetooth XTUNER-X500 Android Scanner Highlights:

Software Update: Automatic Wi-Fi updates are available in new software releases by smart upgrade mode.
Hardware Running Environment: Cellphone or PAD with Bluetooth. Space disk can't be less than 1G, and RAM can't be less than 512M.
Communication Port: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
Software Running Environment: Android 4.4 to 6.0

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