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You Need To Know More about LCD Screen Separator

by NandRepair Team

For mobile phone repair skilled technicians, LCD Screen Separator is an indispensable tool. LCD Screen Disassemble Tool is a repair machine  is used to separate the broken or cracked glass from a working lcd on current touch screen iphone or other brand mobile phones. The main component is the hot plate and clamps.

Before you want to get an LCD Screen Separator, Maybe you will ask about which or where you can get LCD separating machine? there are some of of separating machines from internet, They are essentially all the same. However, a new type came out recently that I have been working with. It uses a vacuum suction system instead of clamps to hold onto the screen. This works a lot better because sometimes the glass is so badly cracked that the clamps cannot hold onto them.

Now, we will introduce two kinds of Lcd Screen Open Separator

First is LCD Disassemble Tool, fool operation screen for novices can easily discard loss of simple operation do not take place in, non heating can be directly removed safely and quickly broken screen screen affixed protective film can easily replace it

Second it Lcd Screen Open Separator LCD Screen Open Separate Machine no need power supply. LCD Disassemble machine with 4 piece flexible thimble, Adjust height. Glue Disassemble Repair Tool Separator for iphone samsung Maintenance.

Last, there are some advice for drying the LCD screen, you have to buy some of UV light, Regular heat does not dry the glue. There are many UV lights on ebay and amazon for fairly cheap. I prefer to use a uv nail dryer as it acts as a unit and you place the assembly inside it for about 5 minutes.

For more question about separating machine, you can contact with nandrepair.

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