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You Need To Know These Auto Transformer For Your Car Repair

by NandRepair Team

Maybe you will ask what is an Auto Transformer? What Does it used for? Auto Transformer is a transformer with only one winding wound on a laminated core and it works as a voltage regulator. it is not only can used in power transmission, but also for distribution system.

First let us see what Advantages of Auto transformer

1. Less costly
2. Better regulation
3. Low losses as compared to ordinary two winding transformer of the same rating

Then, Nandrepair will publish some of Auto Transformer as belows, hope you can find the car Transformer to solve your problems.

1. SGE 2685-1 SGE-2685-1 Transformer 

What does it used for?

SGE2685-1 transformer for Audi A6, Q7 2006+ dashboard with color LCD repair. If this transformer is defective, instrument cluster nor work at all.

For repair you must exchange SGE2685-1

2. Renault Scenic Vogt Transformer

What does it used for?

High voltage transformer for Renault instrument cluster illumination repair!
Renault  has many problems with this car instrument cluster. The problems including no lighting, partial lighting and/or flickering or intermittent lighting,even can not recognize the miles at all.

3. Transformer B VOGT For Benz S Class

What does it used for?

High voltage transformer for Mercedes Benz instrument cluster illumination repair. Transformer B (VOGT) for Mercedes Benz S Class W220 instrument cluster illumination repair for cars after year 2000


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