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Phone Repair Microscope With Motherboard Nand Test Fixture

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Phone Repair Microscope with Integrated moible phone repair platform. Mobile phone motherboard repair continuous zoom microscope installed easily. Mobile maintenance microscope With Motherboard Nand Test Fixture.

Phone Repair Microscope With Motherboard Nand Test Fixture

Mobile phone maintenance microscope binocular as 7 to 45 times 14-90 times the motherboard repair test repair base

stereomicroscope parameter

Continuous variable stereomicroscope modeling novel and generous, new optical design, all coated with a layer, in the large field of view to form a good image and good contrast as good, especially in the external field of view more bright and clear, To meet the different needs of mobile phone repair industry.

Tube: 45°tilt, 360°rotation binocular observation head; interpupillary distance adjustment range 54-75MM; two eyepiece tube can be adjusted, adjust the range of +5 -5 diopter.

Eyepiece: Use WF10X high eye point wide-angle eyepiece, sight line up to 20MM, for the glasses to provide easy to observe the observer.

Objective: 0.67X-4.5X continuous zoom lens, to ensure that the surface as the focal length.

Amplification range: the standard magnification in the 7-90X, in the optional auxiliary large objective lens, the magnification can be expanded to between 3.5-180X.

Working distance: standard working distance of 100MM, the maximum configuration can be configured to 30-165MM (optional 0.5X auxiliary large objective lens), to provide users with more work space.

work space

Integrated moible phone repair platform

with the rapid development of electronic cummunication maintenance industry, the maintenance tools varies and the repair masters' table is a diversified arrangemnt, in order to avoid this dirty, disorderly and poor phenomenon, our company launch a new product which is "WL integrated electronic maintenance platform table pad". this product can bring a clean, standardized working images to each communication electronic maintenance master and customer, the working environment becomes clean and tidy, and the working plane design is humanized, The extended platform is 330mm*198mm*4mm, it is very convenient for cleaning and repairing sundries, removing, cleaning and replaceing, Multi-function, mult-purpose, mult-type....., materials slot tools need to be on this platform, it can be known and meet the needs of the vast number of communictations electronics industry maintenance master.

The utility model relates to an automatic memory recovery structure, in particular to a maintenance platform, which is used for the electronic communication service and is made of a flame retardant material and self extinguishing property MSDS. Maintenance platform specifications includes the maintenance activities area, removing slot tools and common maintenance supplies placing slot.

1.The edge part of the maintenance area has a high precision scale square. And it is a plane effect combined with the silicone insulation pad.
2.The four comers of the column is a positioning column, which is connected with the rectangular expansion area: 330mmX198mmX4mm U has a insulation pad and it is resistant to high temperature of 500 degrees. It is very convenient for removing, cleaning and replacing!
3.The removing tool slot is composed of multiple sets of hollow cylinders, multiple sets of concave convex sets, material slot A and material slot B. The right side surface of the maintenance area has printed the company' s LOGO and the product name.
4.The multi function slot The common maintenance supplies placing slot can be oval, round or rectangular
shape. The slot is engraved with the size and product name, which enhances its own flexibility.
5. Warranty service *A: This is a commonly used repairing loss product. The warranty period is 7 days without reason to return, only for the problems of quality. Man-made damage is not guaranteed!

parameter 2

Installation microscope step display

1. Select the corresponding six angle screwdriver, remove the microscope from the original base, put the screw and microscope.

six angle screwdriver

2. Position the screw hole of the main rod in the comprehensive maintenance platform, and the hole position is divided into two kinds, one is the big screw hole position, one is the three screws fixed screw hole position

Position the screw hole

3. Please note that tightening screws will not cause the microscope to fall off.

 tightening screws

4. The microscope can be used after loading the main rod.

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