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Quick 191AD Thermometer Iron Tip Temperature Tester

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QUICK 191AD Thermometer Iron Tip Temperature Tester is a powerful yet portable soldering iron calibration unit. Quick 191AD Typhoon Gun Thermometer is simple to use.

Quick 191AD Thermometer Iron Tip Temperature Tester

The Quick 191DA Solder Iron Calibration unit is simple to use, the operator simply places the hot iron tip on the sensor and notes the result. With the ability to record the MAX Temp reached by pressing the MAX HOLD button, Solder Iron Calibration has never been easier.  The Quick 191AD Solder Iron Calibration is battery powered and hand sized and is therefore portable allowing it to be moved to the operator for greater work place efficiency.

QUICK191AD temperature tester features:

0.2mm sensor can accurately and accurately measure the tip temperature.
With automatic shutdown function, the shutdown time can be set, when the thermometer in the non-use state of time to set the value, the power will automatically shut down.
With (MAX HOLD) to record the maximum temperature of the function, when you press (MAX HOLD) button, the display will show the maximum temperature of the tip.
Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit can be converted.


Measures tips temperature quickly and accuracy with CA sensor (Dia 0.2mm).
The sensor with special metal alloy coating that resists corrosion and oxidation.
Quick Thermocouple Sensor Wires 191-212
Celsius and Fahrenheit Temperature Display.
Resolution 1 degree C / F, 0 – 800° C, 32 – 1472° F range
dimensions: 85 x 35 x 147 mm
Accuracy – +/- 5° C , +/- 9° F





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