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Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 Chip Reader Auto Key Transponder

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Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 Chip Reader Same function as CN900 & ND900 Key programmer. you can choose Quickly Key Transponder or Quickly auto key programmer with 4D Decoder Clone Box. It support TOYOTA H Key.

Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 Chip Reader Auto Key Transponder

Option1: Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 Transponder For toyota H Key

Option2: Quickly Auto Key Programmer+ 4D Decoder Clone Box

Language: English

Quickly  4C/4D/46/48 Chip Transponder Programmer Function:

Function 1:
1) Chip reading. Accurately identify the chips(11, 12, 13, 33, T5, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45,46, 48, 4C, 4D, 60, 61, 62, 63, 65, 66,

67, 68, 69, 6A, 6B, 70, 71, 74, B9, 8C, 8E, 8A...)
2) Distinguish the formats of 48, 4D and 46 in a detailed way. 2010 For Toyota can identify G key and distinguish 4D72.

Identification of F2010 new ford key. Directly show the master and deputy keys of Toyota.
Function 2:
Detect the frequency of remote controller, identify whether Toyota smart cards are new and unused and read data.
Function 3:
It supports on copying the chips (11 12 13 33 T5 41 and 42) and parts of 44 and 40.
Fully support the copy of chips 4C, 4D and 46, and copy by using a dedicated chip.
Function 4:
Connecting with Chinese PC software, it can save the read key code data unlimited.
Function 5:
Support the writing of startup chip. The vehicle models are as follows: Jinbei chip 13, Zhongghua chip 13, Elysee chip 33,

For Toyota chip 4C, For Renault encryption chip 46, FAW Bensturn chips B50 and B70.
For Mazda and MB W140 avoid demolition. Write start of more than 60 models including Ford and calculate password, it is

equivalent that it has some tango functions.
Function 6:
Unlock function of chip 48(encryption chip cannot be unlocked)
Function 7:
The general chip 48 can be modified to dedicated chip 48. For example, the general chip 48 can be modified into 48A1, 48A2,

48A3, 48A4, dedicated chip 48 of Jetta in 2010 and 2011, dedicated chip 48 of Zhonghua.
Function 8:
Support the six calculation passwords of for Hyundai and for Kia chassis before 2007.
Function 9:
Support on programming all kind for Fiat key, such as (11, 13 and 33).
Additional Functions:
Support T5, Temic, and generate 11/12/13/33
Support 4D, generate 4C, 61/62/63/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/B9/71

Special Notice:

For 4D and 46 copy function, need buy special 4D and 46 Decoder with dedicated chips.

Package including:

1pc x Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 Machine
1pc x 4D Decoder Clone Box (Option2)
1pc x USB Cable




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