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R270 R270+ BDM Programmer R270+ Programmer For BMW CAS4

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R270+ BDM Programmer software version is V1.2. R270 BDM Programmer Support Most 2001-2009 For BMW. R270+ Programmer For BMW CAS4 Support M35080 Series.

R270 R270+ BDM Programmer R270+ Programmer For BMW CAS4

Software Version: 1.2

Language: English

Car Model: Support Most 2001-2009 For BMW

Function: Supports M35080 Series of Quick Clear, Read and Write (35080/35080-V6/35080-VP/D80 D0WQ/D160/35160, etc.)

R270 R270+ BDM Programmer Description:

Directly reads and writse chip data quickly and safely, supports new 2009 7 Series (F01/F02) CAS4 odometer and chips read and write data, safe and effective.

CAS4 includes all the features of CAS3 programmer, with powerful For Motorola MCU programming function: removing-free program for Motorola MCU EEPROM (HC908) and FLASH (HC912, HC9S12, HC9S12X) series.

The function of R270 For BMW CAS4 Pro:

1. Supports For BMW CAS and CAS4 (0K50E/2K79X/0L01Y/0L15Y/1L15Y, etc.)
2. Supports For BMW EWS4 (2L86D)
3. Supports For Benz EZS (1J35D/2J74Y/4J74Y/3K91D/1L85D/1L59W/3L40K/4L 40K, etc.)
4. Supports a variety of SRS modules:(9H91F/0K13J/0K75F/0L85D/0J38M/1E62H/1K7 9X/5H55W, etc.)
5. Supports the M35080 series of quick clear, read and write (35080/35080-V6/35080-VP/D80 D0WQ/D160/35160, etc.)
6. Applicable to all kinds of EIS/CAS/SRS/ECU automotive modules.

R270+ BDM Programmer Package list:

1x R270 main unit
1x 26pin cable
1x AC Adapter
1x USB Cable
1x Adapter
1x CD drive

R270 For BMW CAS4 Pro FAQ

Q: I bought a R70 to program a M35080v6 eeprom, the tool show:
Read m35080v6.......... Send command to R270......wait.....Send setting to device.................... For 30 minutes and it cannot read the mileage data.

A: As the product description on our website, R270 supports the M35080 series of quick clear, read and write (35080/35080-V6/35080-VP/D80 D0WQ/D160/35160, etc.). Therefore, if you fail to use R270 to work with M35080 eeprom, firstly you have to remove M35080 chip and then plug it into the IC socket, this IC socket is designed for M35080 eeprom. Besides, you need to check if it is well-welded with the board? If not well-welded, it means poor communication, then it can’t quick clear and read the mileage data.




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