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Saike 8508D Hot Air Desoldering Station 8508D Hot Air Gun

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Saike 8508D Hot Air Desoldering Station is More Enhanced 850, 850 series. 8508D Hot Air Gun is the best Pump hot air gun. Saike 8508D Rework Station is easy to use.

Saike 8508D Hot Air Desoldering Station 8508D Hot Air Gun

Saike 8508D Feature

1  8508D is an improved version of Enhanced 850, 850 series inherits all the advantages of while using the PID programmable micro-processor technology, precise digital temperature display air gun, air gun program to keep track of the actual temperature, temperature compensation speed magical further strengthened The temperature stability.

2  Air gun also set humane manual and automatic conversion, automatic when the handle is equipped with sensor switch, as long as the grip handle, the system can quickly enter the working mode; handle back into the handle frame, the system will enter standby mode, manual wind Guns have been in working condition. For a variety of work environments to facilitate real-time operation.

3  The system has automatic cold wind function, prolong life and to protect the heating element and pump hot air gun.

8508D Hot Air Gun Use

1 for a variety of elements such as desoldering: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc. (especially suitable for mobile phone cable and cable seat desoldering).
2 for the thermal shrinkage, drying, paint, except revolves, thawing, preheat, plastic welding.

Saike 8508D Operating Instructions

1 the rework station is laid out, hold the handle in the handle holder.
2 connect the power.
3 The apparatus required air nozzle (to make use of large diameter nozzle).
4 turn on the power switch, the display window shows "one hundred and eleven", then rework station is on standby.
5 Turn the temperature control knob to set the operating temperature.
6 Pick up the handle rework station, rework station normal heating operation. Adjust the air volume air volume knob to the right, to be able to normal operating temperature is stable.
7 the work is completed, the handle must be placed in the handle holder, then rework station automatically cut off the heating current, sending cold air into the cooling mode the heating element when the temperature is lower than l00 rework station displays "one hundred and eleven" means that the machine is about enters the standby state, when the heating temperature of lower than 70 the machine into standby mode (when there is intermittent breeze sent, indicating high fever temperature over 70 , only the temperature lower than 70 , the real air will stop working )
8 long-term operation, should turn off the power switch.


In the case to complete the job, try to use a low temperature and a large amount of wind, which helps to dismantle the life of the heating element and the welding white safety desoldering IC chip.

Set the temperature

LED microcomputer digital display hot air rework station:

In an energized state, press "" or "" key (rotary DIP switch), temperature display window displays the set temperature.
Press "" key (clockwise rotation), set temperature rise 1, the display window shows the set temperature; press "" (counter-clockwise) then set the temperature drops 1; if you press " "or" "key, the temperature rapidly rises or falls. After releasing the button, the display window shows the set temperature for two seconds, the display shows the actual temperature or "one hundred and eleven" enters the standby state.

Note: Symbol Description

A. shows "one hundred and eleven", showing the outlet temperature is lower than l00, rework station enters standby mode, hold the handle in the handle holder.
B. Display "SE", indicates rework station sensors have a problem, you need to replace the heating element (heating materials and sensor assembly).
C. show "SA", represents the memory rework station has a problem, you need to replace the memory (memory of the machine using a dedicated set temperature can be stored for 100 years).
D. When the work is displayed when the temperature is less than 50, and will not heat up, showing the heating element rework station may be defective and need replacing the heating element (heat timber sentence and sensor assembly).

8508D Rework Station Instructions

1 hot air rework station outlet and the surrounding may have extremely high temperatures, care should be taken to guard against burns.
2 the heating handle must be placed in the handle holder, must not be placed in the working table or elsewhere.
3 please keep the outlet open, can not have obstruction.
4 after the work is completed, it must be placed in the handle grip heating rack, let the machine automatically cooled to below 70 (into standby) to turn off the power switch.
5 the use of the air and the object of the minimum distance is 2 mm to the outlet calculations.
6 according to the work requirement, first with a suitable wind Tsui, a different wind Tsui, the temperature may be slightly different.




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