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SAIKE 898D SMD BGA Rework Station 898D 2in1 Hot Air Gun

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SAIKE 898D is 2 in 1 Hot Air Gun Soldering SMD Rework Station. SAIKE 898D 2in1 Hot Air Gun have hand handle. SAIKE 898D 2 IN 1 hot air rework station have Auto cold wind function.

SAIKE 898D SMD BGA Rework Station 898D 2in1 Hot Air Gun

Option1: SAIKE 898D 2 in 1 Hot Air Gun Soldering iron 898D SMD Rework Station

Option2: SAIKE 898D+ Hot air gun Soldering station 2 in 1 Desoldering station ( is the update version of SAIKE 898D )

The Saike 898D is a highly cost-effective Rework Hot Air Station, which is the equivalent of a hot air gun and a soldering iron 937 (anti-static), focusing on use of the imported skeleton-type heating core and brushless fans. It is not only used for Computers and mobile phones but also suitable for various of components' solding, such as: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc.

Used for shrinking, drying, paint, adhesive removal, thawing, warm, plastic welding etc;    

Used forwarming Small metal, machinery and body , relaxing fasteners;    

Used for the PVC coating, the waterproof canvas stitch welding, the roof repairing with asphalt;    

Used for the sterilization or disinfection of animal cages with high-temperature;    

Used for the thaw of frost wood or frozen material, water pipes, mechanical body;    

Used for the drying of Paint, filters, glue;    

Used for the all non-fire heating. 

SAIKE 898D 2 in 1 Features

1. SAIKE 898D can control temperature,rapid rise of temperature, accurate and stable temperature.

2. SAIKE 898D have Adjustable airflow, large and soft airflow, easy adjustment of temperature, suitable for multiple usages.

3. SAIKE 898D have Hand handle with sensor switch, system will turn into the working mode while the handle is held; and the system will standby while the handle is put on the holder, which is very convenient for operation.

4. SAIKE 898D support Automatic cooling of the system will prolong the life of heating element, and protect the hot air gun.

5. SAIKE 898D have Long lifetime, low noise Brushless fan. High quality heating element with good quality heating wire and double efficiency at the same power will prolong its life and save energy.

SAIKE 898D highlights:

Closed-circuit sensors, microcomputer zero trigger temperature control, LED Display, high-power, rapid heating, temperature accuracy and stability, without the wind effect, the truly lead-free welding    

Adjustable air flow,large and soft air flow, temperature regulated, used for multiple usages.    

Handle with sensor switch, as long as gripping handle, the system can quickly access operating mode; Handle released, the system will enter in the standby mode, real-time operating for convenience.    

The system has automatic cooling function, which will effectively prolong the heater's life and protect the hot air gun.    

With extremely long-life brushless fan, extremely low noise, the efficiency can be doubled under the same power via high-quality heater which can effectively prolong the heater's working life and save power.    

This station is equipped with security protection.    

Dual digital-display two-in-one combo with soldering iron (respectively show the temperature of the soldingiron and the air gun)


Model: Saike 898D Lead-Free Air Gun    
Category: Microcomputer LED digital display
Power consumption: 700W    
Airflow type: brushless fan with gentle wind    
Air flow: 120 liters / minute (maximum)    
Noise: Less than 45dB    
Temperature adjustment range: 100 C - 450 C

SAIKE 898D hot air gun Package

1 x Saike 898D Main Unit
1 x English Manual
1 x Soldering Iron
1 x Soldering Iron Block
1 x Soldering Sponge
1 x 3mm (D) round nozzle
1 x 5mm (D) round nozzle
1 x 7mm (D) round nozzle
1 x 10mm * 10mm square nozzle
1 x Tool for IC Chip remove
1 x Heating element of Hot air Gun
1 x Heating element of Soldering Iron



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