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Saike 952D Rework Station Saike 952D 2in1 BGA Welding Table

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  • Manufactured by: Saike
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Saike 952D rework station Power consumption 760W. Saike 952D 2in1 BGA Welding Table have 220V and 110V. Saike 952D Air Gun Soldering Iron 2in1 from NandRepair.

Saike 952D Rework Station Saike 952D 2in1 BGA Welding Table

Saike 952D 2 in 1 Hot air gun Soldering Iron rework Soldering station 220V /110V

Saike 952D rework station feature:

Dual digital temperature display. Imported skeleton heater, long life. Integration and advanced soldering iron hot air gun. With a very long life brushless fan, minimal noise, a soft wind protection chip. Handle with the sensor switch, as long as the grip handle, the system can quickly enter the working mode; handle release handle frame, the system will enter standby mode. System with automatic cold air function, prolong the life of the heating element and the protection of the hot air gun
952D of the air gun, his greatest role is: to weld two sides, 4-pin edge chips that dozens of blocks, can be removed once the welding, the weld can once, do not like the iron pin a pin treatment. Can operate freely while soldering SMD capacitors, exclusion, inductors, FET, three tubes.
Soldering station using a copper transformer, precision control circuit, and the use of workmanship, the quality is the best imported heater A1321. Imported A1321 heater (not else A1321 heater), excellent quality! Please be assured!

952D is ideal for lead-free soldering, heating quickly, a few seconds can quickly reach a constant temperature. Heating element can be excessive current, adequate follow-up supplies, able to cope with the needs of the majority of welding, together with a different tip, the better. (Choose the right tip can play a significant role in Oh! While saving time)
Soldering station using copper transformer (transformer with enough heavy enough), in welding engineering, a steady stream of supplemental heat (fast enough), especially for factory production operations, continuous hours of uninterrupted use. Plus on-demand using a variety of shapes tip, can fit different maintenance: such as repairs mobile phones, computers, home appliances, digital products.

Saike 952D rework station Specifications:

Air gun part
Model: 952D
Power consumption:                       760W
Airflow type:                                    brushless fan soft wind
Temperature adjustment range:    100  -480
Air flow:                                          120 l / min (maximum)
Display format:                                LED display
Noise:                                              less than 45db
The handle assembly length:          ≥ 100cm
Dimensions:                                    157x185x135mm
Iron part
Operating voltage:                          AC220V 50HZ/AC110V 60HZ
Output voltage:                               AC28V
Maximum power:                             60W
Temperature range:                        100  -480  
Display Type:                                  digital display
Heating element:                            A1321 ceramic heater
Temperature stability:                    ± 2  (no load)
Handle length:                                100cm
Tip to ground resistance:               <2Ω
Tip to ground potential:                 <2mV
Host weight: 3.95kg

Saike 952D Package Included:

1 x Saike 952D (110V or 220V)
3 x air nozzle(5mm,8mm,10mm)
1 x ic pick up



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