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SOFI SP16-B High Speed Programmer SP16 B Flash Eeprom BIOS

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SOFI SP16-B High Speed Programmer is the latest SP16 series programmer. SP16 B Flash Eeprom BIOS built-in high-speed processors. Sofi SP16-B High Speed USB Programmer EEPROM FLASH ISP 40 Pins Automatic Burner.

SOFI SP16-B High Speed Programmer SP16 B Flash Eeprom BIOS

SOFI SP16-B Features:

USB2.0 communication interface, no external power supply line mode
Built-in 32 -bit high speed processor, designed specifically for serial memory to achieve precise speed to burn, is currently the fastest programmer programming
Support chip voltage from 1.7V to 5.0V, MCU programmable voltage precisely adjust
Support the full range 93/24/25/BR90 series of memory, support software upgrade adds support for new chip
Unique ISP download interface, providing 10PIN color ISP download cable, patch for onboard chip ( such as SPI interface leads to the computer motherboard BIOS) can be programmed to connect directly
Support Model 25 Series SPI FLASH chip detection
Imported ARIES 40 feet zero insertion force locking seat width chips and universal adapter can be used -40Pin socket
USB interface / ISP Interface / ISP connector are using imported parts, effectively guarantee the life and reliability of burning
Perfect overcurrent and ESD protection , effective protection of the programmer and the computer USB port will not be damaged due to accident
Provide equipment self-test function
Volume production programming mode automatically detects the chip placement and start the programming operation
Support connecting multiple high-volume asynchronous programming a computer programmer, plug and write, no waiting time synchronization , high-speed
Offline mode recording feature (Note 1): Built-in 512Mbit data memory without connecting to a computer can achieve a variety of on-site programming, LED and buzzer sounds indicating success or failure, simple operation, easy speed burning large quantities of chips
Production burn without placing the master, the master copy mode effectively eliminate error-prone, slow copy of the drawbacks (Note 2)
Custom mold delicate shell, compact (size: 103x71x23mm), portable and easy to use
Support WinXP, VISTA, Win7 (32bit/64bit)

Note 1: ISP mode does not support offline programming
Note 2: As the programmer does not have a lot of built-in memory, you need to master in order to place a while offline programming, this approach requires a special adapter seat, vulnerable to poor contact data programming errors, and copy speed is usually slower, low productivity

SOFI SP16-B Packag list:

SP16-B Programmers host
Offline dedicated power supply
USB cable
ISP cable
Driver CD



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