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Sofi SP16-FX Flash Eeprom Programmer SP16-FX Fully-automatic Burner

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Sofi SP16-FX Flash Eeprom Programmer is self-control version. SP16-FX Fully-automatic Burner compatible F / B type full functionality. SOFI sp16-FX is the latest SP16 series programmer.

Sofi SP16-FX Flash Eeprom Programmer SP16-FX Fully-automatic Burner

SOFI sp16-FX is the latest SP16 series programmer, built-in high-speed processors, as well as special hardware designed specifically for serial FLASH and EEPROM, the chips algorithm is optimized, and improve high-speed and reliable burning.

SP16-FX (self-control version) compatible F / B type full functionality, adds automatic burner control interface units, each manufacturer is the best choice for automatic burning machine, equipped without a computer

Sofi SP16-FX Feature:

function characteristics new arrival design deserializer storage eeprom spi flash burner .
support chips voltage from 1.7v to 5.0v, mcu program controlled voltage adjustment.
off-lining can be run, super large capacity built-in high speed data storage chip off-lining.
no need sd, don't worry sd use when, data easy to go wrong 's flash failure problem
off-line automatic detection chip flash placed , no need any biosupdates, simple to use, high efficiency, effectively solve the others general programmer flash when in, need settings, use of complex, easy misoperation ills. with sp8 series : difference between compared to the sp8 series, flash more faster. especially 32m's chip capacity above (sop16), flash speed boost 1 times above.
chip programming algorithm drive, auto data processing redundant integrated flash the efficiency reflating 30% around

off-lining data download the use of new arrival design optimization of, better than sp8 series download speed increase 5 times. 128m data download only typical need 41s.
adopt high cost aries lock block.

others: function
overcurrent / shortcircuit protection, don't worry reverse chip when, damaged chip or burner.
can use all connector, including usb interface / lock block / isp interface / isp connector, effective flash the reliability of guarantee.

SP16-F(off-lining edition) can computer use, can from computer arbitrary in mass production high speed occasion

Sofi SP16-FX with distinction:

Compared to SP8 series, burn faster, especially over the capacity of 32M chips (SOP16), burn faster than 1 times.
The new chip burn-driven algorithms, automatic processing of redundant data; integrated burning efficiency of about 30% again.
Offline data download using the latest optimization design, increased by 5 times more than SP8 series download speeds. 128M data typical download time only 41S.
Imported cost ARIES locking seat.

SP16-FX programmers device list:

Sofi SP16-FX Package list:

1 x SP16-FX programmer
1 x USB Cable
1 x AC Power Adapter
1 x 10Pin ISP download cable



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