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SUNKKO 797A Micro-Computer Pedal Control Spot Welder For 18650

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SUNKKO 797A Spot Welder For 18650 is a High Power Spot Welder & Soldering Station. 797A Welding Machine is 220V 1.5KW. SUNKKO 797A Mobile Phone Battery Welding Machine with Universal welding pen.

SUNKKO 797A Micro-Computer Pedal Control Spot Welder For 18650

SUNKKO 797A Features:

Spot welding rapidly (0.5~5ms) due to micro-computer chip with fine control.
Thinner nickel pieces (0.03 ~ 0.06 mm) can be welding by single pulse rapid welding model.
Three wide rang pulse choices-single pulse, double pulses, sixteen pulses
Thick work pieces are suited to be spot welding by adding rotator rapid current selection regulator.
The hanging arm type (adjustable height) foot-operated spot welding control system is so light that will make you feel convenient.
The work pieces which being manufactured will become convenience and the solder connections will become more firm by using professional pressure regulating device of welding needle.
External spot welding discharge desktop switch is allowed, so that welding pin in place with independent control of spot welding discharge
The America alumina alloy welding needle longevity is being used, so the spot welding spark will splash gently and the welding work will be more reliable
It can be easily installed in any desktop without purchasing special work benc

SUNKKO 797A Specifications:

Model:  797A
Power: 220V +/- 20V
Charging Current:  0
Weight: 6 KG
Volume 7.46 KG
Welding Thickness Range:     
0.03 - 0.5 mm
Welding Principle:  Pulse
Supply Voltage: Power: 1.5kw (Instantaneous)
Time of Single Pulse: 0.5 ~ 5ms (Adjustable)
Time of Double Pulses: 1 ~ 10ms (Adjustable)
Time of 16 Pulses: 0 ~ 80ms (Adjustable)

SUNKKO 797A Applications:  

Lithium battery : The product welding and repair welding of rechargeable battety
Mobile power:The production of Charge Pal
The welding of metal workpiece

SUNKKO 797A Package included:

1x SUNKKO 797A Welding Machine
2x Fuse 20A
1x Foot switch
1x Bent-handle spanner
1x Instrument leads
2x Cables
50x 01*4*100mm nickel plate
1x battery holder
1x User guide



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