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TY90 Universal Remote Programmer TY90 Counter Remote Master

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TY90 Universal Remote Programmer can directly generate the garage remote control cars. TY90 Counter Remote Master can be tested to the data of FSK remote control. TY90 universal radio remote control with 4pcs remote control.

TY90 Universal Remote Programmer TY90 Counter Remote Master

For english user manual, pls send email to us.

Option1: TY90 Smart Remote Key Programmer

Option2: TY90 Universal Remote Programmer + 4pcs sub-remote Controls

TY90 introduction:

TY90 is a frequency can edit devices on the market, can for editing machine for any frequency between 300 MHZ to 500 MHZ, frequency set at random
TY90 is currently on the market, can be tested to the data of FSK remote control, data comparison, copies of regeneration equipment, can copy all the FSK fixed code remote control and parts of rolling code remote control
In the original remote control under the condition of all lost, TY90 also can directly generate the garage remote control, remote control cars.
In order to meet the market constantly updated, we will launch a new upgrade version, the customer can upgrade the software via USB cable to connect computers, the operation is simple and convenient.

Don't need make a distinction between different remote Frequency, don't need distinguish A / B /C type sub-remote, more function.

TY90 remote programmer Functional:

1. Detect

Frequency detect
Data detec
Data  compare

2. Copy

Remote Copy
Code Re-generation

3. Remote generate

4. Edit data

5. Edit Frequency

TY90 remote programmer Features:

1: TY90 support Edit Frequency from 300MHZ~500MHZ, and don't need distinguish A / B /C type sub-remote, also don't need distinguish the button, and edit the each button alone, the same one remote have different control Frequency on different button.
2: TY90 support FSK remote key data detect / data comaring / re-generation. also can support all fixed code and rolling  code remote.
3: TY90 support almost Garage door remote control  / motor remote / car remote , also can support computer code.
4: All key lost, TY90 also support part remote key

TY90 Package list:

1X TY90 key copier(English version)
4X remote controls
1X usb cable(for upgrade)

The user manual of TY90 multi-functional remote programmer


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