UP828 UP818 Programer series

Here, you can find many kinds of UP-828P UP818P socket adapter and UP-818P and UP-828P Ultra programmer, If you have trouble to find the right UP-serial Programmer adapter or need the UP series dedicated software, please do send email to Nandrepair@hotmail.com for help.


All UP828 UP818 adapters are out of production already. Now All Adapters with P, Work with four kinds of Sedum high speed Programmer, UP-818P Ultra Programmer,  UP828P High speed programmer, UP-828E Ultra Programmer, UP-eMMC programmer.

Most of UP Test Socket support list for UP-828P/UP-818P/UP-828E/UP-eMMC Programmer:

For iPhone 4/5/6 IC:
VBGA11P5P  / VBGA134SP / LGA52P  Adapter
For Collpad phone 8297/Y90/T2/8675 and others phones:
VBGA56P / VBGA221P Adapter, 0.5mm pitch BGA56 package chips
For 8530 Samsung / others phones:
VBGA153P Adapter, all kind of eMMC type chips
For Samsung 9100/9300/9500/NO4/mi... phones:
VBGA169P Adapter,  0.5mm pitch BGA package chips, MOVINAND/iNAND/eMMC   
For HTC / Mi / 8721 Phones:
VBGA162P Adapter,  Supports some MOVINAND/iNAND/EMMC memory found on newer  smartphones and tablets
For other newer phones, smartphones and tablets, BlackBerrys phones:
SBGA128P Adapter, SBGA137NP Adapter,
SBGA152P Adapter (For BlackBerry Devices),
SBGA188P -- SBGA188AP / SBGA188BP Adapter,
SBGA199P Adapter ( Supports some of the NAND memory chips found on the early 9000 BlackBerrys  and other phones (0.65mm)),
SBGA202P Adapter
FBGA167P Adapter ( Supports some of the NAND memory chips found in feature and older smartphones ).
VBGA186P Adapter ( Supports EMMC memory found on newer smartphones and tablets )
For China brand phones or Automotive navigation ic, Auto audio and other smartphones and tablets device:
TSOP48P Adapter,  Supports Flash memory 48 Pin TSOP chips
FBGA137P Adapter, Supports chips found in many feature and burner phones, Suit for 0.8mm pin pitch BGA package chips.
BGA149P Adapter, TSOP56P Adapter, BGA48P Adapter, BGA63P Adapter, BGA88P Adapter, BGA107NP Adapter,
EBGA64P Adapter, Suit for 1.0mm pin pitch BGA package chips, 8X8 arrays.   
SOIC8SP / SOIC8P Adapter, SOP package IC