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How to Become NandRepair.com VIP Members?

1. you can buy Active VIP Service, only 4.9 Dollors. then it will completely become our VIP member, and get more benefits of VIP membership
NandRepair VIP Members Activation V.I.P Members Discount                $4.9   

All VIP customers will enjoy 4% discount on all our products.

And if you want to buy a large quantity products, you can also write to NandRepair@hotmail.com to get better price.


* Successful payment amount refers to the amount paid after the supplier ships your order.

* We reserve the right to cancel the VIP qualification if the user is found cheating.

* The upgraded reward coupon is for buyers who are upgraded to new VIP Levels. Each coupon has an expiration date and can be used once. The upgraded reward coupon will be granted to the buyer's NandRepair.com account within 30 days after the buyer has upgraded.