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VVDI2 K518ISE VAG OBD Helper Programmer For 4th Immo Data Calculator

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VAG OBD Helper can quickly get immo data within 3-5 minutes by connecting the internet. VAG OBD Programmer work with VVDI2, Lonsdor K518. VVDI2 K518ISE 4th Immo Data Calculator is easy to operate.

VAG OBD Helper For 4th Immo Data Calculator Work with Lonsdor K518ISE and VVDI2

device only with one free token for you, need more tokens, please contact us.

Hook VAG OBD helper up to for VW, for Audi, for Skoda with 4th IMMO vehicle, you can quickly get immo data within 3-5 minutes by connecting the internet ( The time depends on the network status or the number of users), which is easy to operate, help save time and avoid the risk of disassembling the dashboard.

As known, before VAG OBD helper is released, when  4th IMMO needs to add new keys or program new keys when all keys lost, none of VVDI2 AVDI, AP PRO, Lonsdor K518 can read out the immo data. Or the operator needs to disassemble the dashboard to gain the immo data.

VAG OBD Helper Functions:

1: Support A4L Q5 (all the card 754C/J type)
2: can be used for VW, for Audi, for Skoda key making (even when all keys lost) and the 4th
generation odometer correction.
Example, 35XX key all lost 873B 24C64 type key all lost or new model 95320.
3:can add key for MQB JOHNSON dashboard (not support key all lost )
4.New PASSATT MQB key all lost.
5.Support to get BCM2 anti-theft data online for A6 A7 A8 Touareg Phideon with 5th immo.

Note: The 4th generation immo data and MQB data support most current popular VAG key programmer in the market.

When to use VAG OBD helper?

1. For the vehicle with MQB immo, if the immo data can't be read out, you can try to use OBD helper, but can work for adding new keys (Take Johnson Controls key adding for example)

2. If A4L Q5 can't be directly read out BCM2 data, and display the data length error, OBD helper can be used to calculate BCM2 data.

3. If you get all keys lost for any of 2014 A6 A7 A8 Touareg, PHIDEON with 5th immo system, you can use it to online calculate BCM2 data, then working together with VVDI2, Lonsdor K518 etc to program key.

Note: Before using VAG OBD helper, please make sure the vehicle info is not tampered and vehicle status is legal, otherwise the immo data can't be calculated.




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