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WL 7-In-1 Nand Test Fixture EMMC Read And Write For Iphone

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MIJING 7 in 1 Hard Drive Tester is designed to test and check iPhone. WL Hard disk Nand Test Fixture Tool With 6 different models. EMMC Test Tool on the hard disk to test whether the normal hard disk.

WL 7-In-1 Nand Test Fixture EMMC Read And Write For Iphone

7-In-1 iPhone Hard-disk Nand Test Fixture Tool is designed to test and check iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S/6/6P HDD, it is the good for Apple HDD tool.

Instrument support IP series models include: for iphone 4G/4S/5G/5C/5S/6G/6P    
With 6 different models of the chassis can be freely combined, after the replacement of the hard disk can be used to buckle   

Repair iphone restore error:  4014 (error NAND), 9, 1(motherboard error), 14(itunes update error), 53 (fingerprints).
Remark: different error code from different itunes software version.

MIjing HDD 7 in 1 Tool Use these steps:

1: need to repair hard disk models of main board and a tail in cable, the board can be placed into the corresponding to the types of 7 close 1 hard disk fixture chassis after the hard disk fixture transposon buckle can be.
2: 7 in 1 test fixture on the hard disk to test whether the normal hard disk.
3: the data line is connected to the motherboard, and then button on the motherboard battery power supply (there is a need to be more on the motherboard button on the LCD for real-time view).
4: even the machine to a computer running after the apple platform system for writing brush.
5: during the test, the hard disk can complete normal brush writing system.

Operation :

1. Put the mainboard on the Nand Flash tester base plate
2. Contect battery and charger flex cable
3. Put the Nand Flash tester head on the tester base plate;
4. Put Nand Flash in the tester head;
5. Connect the computer, then you can flash to test the Nand Flash.

Note : When puting Nand Flash in the tester head, pay attention to the right direction. Otherwise it will damage the motherboard.



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